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    Our commitment to serving our clients needs is extended to ensure smooth operation at all times, we offer the following services :24 hour standby for breakdowns,Backup service,Performance testing, General overhauls and modifications.

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    A continuation of the long sequence of outstanding, excellent, versatile and powerful products you come to expect. Our inventory of past work is a testament to dedication to quality merchandise.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Welcome to Corro Pump

Welcome to Corro Pump

Corro Pump has been established in South Africa since 1985. The main business activities of the company are the design, manufacture and marketing of corrosion resistant pumps and custom mouldings. In 1988 we needed bigger premises and moved the factory to Vanderbijlpark, which is the most concentrated area for aggressive liquid manufacturers and user.

By the end of 1993 we had 878 pumps working in the country. In 1994 we exported our first pumps to New Zealand and Australia.In 1994 we started a range of vertical spindle pumps to add to our existing range. During 1995 we started getting enquiries for bigger pumps that we could not manufacture with our existing equipment. We then decided to build a new factory, installed bigger ovens, overhead cranes, mixers etc. We moved into this factory early 1996.

Now we could build 250-200-400 pumps. We also fitted our own test bay to increase our pump performance and efficiencies.Early 1996 we started manufacturing our Mark 2 pump. This is aimed at the export market as you use standard electric motors. The wet end can be shipped and assembled overseas.We have 25 horizontal pump models and 10 vertical pump models.We have introduced a new range of pumps called Pacifichem which is directed for water/seawater and diluted acid application, we also have approximately 4500 in operation throughout South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Mali, Zimbabwe, Australia, Israel and New Zealand.

A broad range of pumps are available for moving different fluids such as water, seawater, chemicals, slurries and waste products.Due to the single material concept and simple but robust design and the many other inherent features, Corro Pumps will generally out price, out perform and out last many if not all major competitors supplying lined or unlined pumps in Engineered Plastics such as CPVC, PVC, PE, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PTFE & PFA, also rubber lined and coated pumps. On many occasions, Corro Pumps are supplied where exotic alloy pumps manufactured in Hastelloy, Titanium and other exotic materials were conventionally being utilised involving high capital and replacement costs.

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