Filter Press Pumps

For high slurry and sludge content application

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These pumps were developed to take maximum advantage from the key features of a group of synthetic thermosetting resins. The resins used are characterised by excellent resistance to chemical attack, strength and hardness comparable with many metals, and a good resistance to abrasion from fluid borne abrasives. A range of resins is used to gain optimum chemical resistance to the many fluids and chemicals encountered in industry.

The CorroPump product provides then a cost-effective alternative for many processes which would normally require the use of exotic metal alloy or plastic lined pumps. Equally, other more innocuous but nonetheless troublesome fluids such as chlorinated water and seawater are handled with ease and with useful economy.


Filter Press Pump 1

Properties & Advantages:

  • Completely reversed balanced internally mounted mechanical seal developed for high slurry and sludge content application.
  • Can work under very high back pressure.
  • Large cross sections and thickness of seal face parts in order to overcome the difficulties in high sludge content applications.
  • Can work very well continuously at higher RPM’s as well.
  • Due to very high-pressure requirements, at the time of effective cake formation and squeezing of chamber plates a very high amount of back pressure is involved which is dealt with very efficiently with this mechanical seal. It is a very hard single coil (completely stainless steel with PVDF coasted) spring with all its other parts being product protected.
  • Can be an ideal replacement to a positive displacement pumps.


  • Acidic slurries
  • Effluent waste
  • Pigment manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Urban or industrial sludge de-watering
  • Other chemical and pharmaceutical applications

Filter Press Pump 2

Properties & Advantages:

  • Also known as dynamic sealing arrangement.
  • No seal water required.
  • Can pump up to 50 to 60% slurry and solid handling without leakages which there are in normal gland packed pumps.
  • Due to less leakage, the expensive product loss is much lesser when compared to normal gland packed pumps.
  • It comes with a very specialized non-asbestos gland packing/grafoil packing for high temperature or can also accommodate single mechanical seal.
  • No maintenance required as no slurry mechanical seals are used.
  • Can be operated on 1440 as well as 2900 rpm.
  • Rotating parts can be provided in CD4MCu material for abrasive slurry.


  • Industrial or urban sludge handling.
  • Dyes and intermediates for mild pigment slurries.
  • Pesticides industry
  • Processing of copper and other metal ores in mining applications.
  • Pharmaceutical industries.