Process Pumps

Up to 1200m3/hr & 150m (500ft) of differential head

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Process PumpAll these Pumps follow the ANSI Pump Dimensions as well as the ASA 150 Flange Dimensions with raised faces. Corro Pumps offers these pumps up to 1200m3/hr and up to 150m (500ft) of Differential Head. The main constructional features of these pumps are the following:

  • Process PumpBack pull-out design
  • Semi-open impellers with back vanes
  • Various stuffing box options to suit a variety of mechanical seal options.

There are various advantages for the above constructed features.

  • The back pull out design helps the user to dismantle the pump without dismantling the pump casing from the suction and discharge piping. This helps in ease of maintenance, and regular checks for wear and tear of pump parts can be easily done.
  • The semi-open impeller helps in slurry and solid handling with a particle size up to 0.5mm and slurry content up to 40 to 50%. This design of impeller also reduces the axial thrust on the bearings ultimately increasing the life of bearings.
  • With various stuffing box options, a large number of mechanical seals (single mechanical seal, double and tandem mechanical seals) can be fitted very easily having a greater area for heat dissipation allowing mechanical seals to perform optimally with extended seal life.

ANSI design pumps can take a designed pressure of up to 20kg/ And so can give a highly extended pump life in various chemical process applications. The variety of industries where these pumps are performing over the years now are mentioned here: pharma and bulk drug, starch and corn industry, mineral processing, dyes and intermediates, distilleries, caustic soda, pesticides, fertilizers, textile, specialty chemicals, steel plants, and other organic liquids.